Me and My Cat:
My cat is thought to be a sort of a Norwegian Forest Cat
( more photos of my cat: here, here, here, here and here )    

My cat Maks is a great cat. He's grey. He was born on the 27 of November in 1997. I think he's probably the best cat in the whole world.

He lives with my parents and he can understand what people say (and can also answer sometmes, e.g. if being told off). He does as he's told (most of the time). When he's told "lay down", he lies down, but he isn't executing a command then, he's rendering a service - as a part of normal human communication.

My cat behaves bad only as a last resort, e.g. when he stands up for some of his fundamental standpoints. He respects the senior people and correctly understand the fact of existing of the junior people.

He can ask politely for food and he's not choosy about what he eats.

He's the one of that rare kind of cats who aren't afraid of a vacuum cleaner. And that seems logical - there's nothing to be afraid of - a vacuum cleaner is a piece of domestic electrical installation.

If he gets let out to go for a walk, he doesn't run away and hide, but walks beside and returns when he's called back.

And also he loves to play - for example, he can bring back a special little rubber ball when it's thrown for him along the room. If nobody wants to play, he will find the ball, bring it to someone at home and ask that person to play with him.

My cat was chosen (when he was a kitten) by my sister. Good choice sis!

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