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Hello! This is me.

I'm known as Sergeisergeievich or SSR and my actual name is Sergei Sergeievich Rubliov, the kind of usual Russian name (yes, I'm from Russia).

Russia is that (very) big country where I live. In the north of Russia there is region called 'Arkhangelskaia oblast' and there is a very nice little northern town called Mirny. That's where I'm from. Mirny is surrounded by deep northern forests called 'taiga'. There are white nights in the summertime and a lot of mosquitoes. In winter it's very cold there (there are cases of it being up to (or down to) −40 degrees centigrade). But Mirny is not just an average northern town as it's also the home for many of military personnel who work at the first Russian cosmodrome called 'Plesetsk' (yes, it's first that was built in Russia the first Soviet cosmodrome Baikonur is situated in Kazakhstan). Yes, Mirny was used to be one of those 'secret towns' that didn't appear on maps nowadays it does appear, though. Plesetsk is considered to be the most used rocket launch facility in the world (so says the Guinness Book of Records). I love my native town.

Here are some pictures of Mirny and the cosmodrome:

Fig.1: Mirny town (pictured by myself in 1992).

Fig.2: Plesetsk cosmodrome (pictured by me in 1994 you can look at some more my photos of Plesetsk).

I have a special section of my site where I placed different photographs that I made it's here.

So, I was born on January 4, 1979, in Mirny. I currently live in Moscow city (Russia's capital) where work as a journalist at the Russian Internet news site called Lenta.Ru (you may learn some about it from this article at Time.com). In the past I also attended for 3 years the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University.

I am used to think of myself as of a creative person (entity). As I work as a journalist, I'm used to write many journalistic texts for the purposes of my work, and I also create some 'literature' (in Russian language) poems and short essays (often consisting of nonsense sometimes claiming to be would-be sense) for my own pleasure, without intending to 'publish' them (having published some on the Web, though). Unlike my other artworks, my literary work samples aren't presented on the English language version of this website only a couple of them are translated into English so far (here are examples: this one, translated in 1999 for ModPlug.com, and this one translated in 2005 by MosNews.com) (update: by now I also have written a number of English Language Wikipedia articles including this one).

Other my artworks include music it's about amateur-type so-called MOD music, composed using a personal computer with a technology called tracking and also there are some hand-made graphics. I have also created (or participated in creation of) some Internet projects the web sites for public use one can learn a bit about some of them in the Links section (BTW Yes I know that it is not very cool to place white text over black background as it is on this page but the page was originally designed in 1999 when this was widespread and considered cool and since then I haven't been thinking of a re-design; there are certain pages on this site that are not white on black).

Besides arts, my other favorite hobby is communicating with nature: hiking, fishing (in winter preferably), skiing (in winter preferably), mushrooms/berries picking (a common thing for northern people). I also love to travel (some photos made during my travels available on the Web).

I like to listen to music. My favorite music genre is psychedelic "full-on" trance but I also like many other types of music. You can listen to my Last.fm radio which consists of samples of my favorite music.

As I have written above, I wrote some pieces of MOD music by myself and now I'd like to note some particular MOD musicians whose music I like they are mostly usual people from different countries (you can learn about MOD music from the websites mentioned in Links). Among my favourite MOD musicians are way back favorites such as Nighthawk, Maf, Awesome, Necros, CSM, TSEC (aka Lagoona), Acumen, Elwood, Jogeir Liljedahl, Captain, u4ia, Aberration and many others, of course. One can find their music and other MOD music at different places on the Web you can start off using my links or by visiting my own project site Music oNline.

And finally, and what is of most importance, I want everybody to live in peace and not to damage nature.

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