Sergeisergeievich visits Plesetsk cosmodrome
(one of it's launch sites) on 22 of May 1994

Sergeisergeievich and other people stand on the platform for accessing the elevator

Sergeisergeievich and other people are going down the stairs from the elevator platform

The launch complex nearby seen from the pad where Sergeisergeievich is

The wooded area seen from the launch pad (notice the snow - it was on 22nd of May)

The common view of the launch complex and a railway-based rocket mounter standing next to it

The railway-based rocket mounter seen from inside of the launch complex

View of the rocket service framework from inside

Side view of the whole launch table (the launch complex itself is on the top of it)

The launch complex itself on the top of the table
(didn't manage to get far enough to capture the whole scene)

Another view of the complex and railway-based rocket mounter

Side view of the framework

Sergeisergeievich looks down

Sergeisergeievich wonders


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